It's not just delicious adjika and sauces – it is a real homemade recipe of our family. All our friends have stopped doing this intermediate goods by themselves long time ago, as we have established a family tradition – we cook it for all our company. The recipe is actually from my aunt Adj. She always did the most spicy and delicious seasoning. Today we are ready to indulge you with our deliciousness!


Adjika «Delicate»

One can choose it for the whole family, because this type of adjika is moderately spicy and the addition of green apple and fresh tomato make its taste fresh and stimulate the appetite.

Adjika «Spicy
with Вasil»

Spicy adjika, the taste and aroma of basil, sweet tomatoes and hot peppers just require the company of Italian pasta.

Adjika «Spicy»

This spicy adjika, the taste of several varieties of pepper, the aroma of basil can be wonderful company for a piece of toothsome steak.

Snack-bar bean with adjika

Crisp white beans with in a fragrant sauce. It can be eaten just with a spoon out of the jar or be added to your favorite dish.

Sauce «For Bolognese with Meet»beef

NEW - bolognese with beef is a thick tempting sauce cooked by Aunt Aj exclusively for trencher-men and connoisseurs of bright meat taste. Pieces of beef in a vegetable stew will decorate your tagliatelle or become a part of green lasagna.

Sauce «For Bolognese with Meet» beef&pork

NEW - meet delicious Bolognese sauce! Thanks to Aunt Aj's efforts this famous Italian sauce was declassified and reproduced! We save 2 hours of your time. Cook your favorite pasta and create new fine cuisine!

Sauce «For Bolognese with Meet»

NEW - this spicy adjika, the taste of several varieties of pepper, the aroma of basil can be wonderful company for a piece of toothsome steak.

Sauce «For Bolognese with Meet» lamb

NEW - a masterpiece of Mediterranean sauces – Aunt Aj's Bolognese with lamb. Do you know how to surprise your family and guests with a dish cooked in 15 minutes? Easy! Just add the sauce to pasta or mashed potatoes. And even branded kharcho can be cooked now in record time!


As today the process has outgrown out of our home kitchen and extent has increased to the global scale – we do it in a professional shop. The recipe and technology are saved for 100%. And, what is most importantly, we produce exclusively fresh vegetables.

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The keeper of the family recipe, the creator of trading stamp, inspirer. – Everyone, who tried my adjika, calls me the King of this dish. Actually, the crown was taken from the oldy Adj, but I promise to keep and demise the recipe. In fact, it is like art- to be able to preserve the taste of summer and autumn, so than winter does not seem stale and everybody wanted again the season of spring and picnics.

It is really great find- adjika with beans. This spicy dish what you can add to the borsch, served with meat or eat straight from the jar with a spoon.

– And who told you that adjika – is served only with meat? My family enjoys pasta with such kind of spicy sauce. If compare us with Italians- they are just torturing pasta. A few spoons of adjika on pasta and it will taste absolutely different. Very tasty!

– To be honest: it is very delicious – adjika, with a slice of bacon and black bread! It is not just snack- it is bliss.

– By the way, adjika – adjika can prevent different colds, because pepper and garlic kill microbes.

– I have discovered the perfect recipe for marinating kebab: mix the meat with the half cut onion rings and add our seasoning. Not long to marinate and put on grill! It is tastier than you can imagine.

– As for me, I take adjikaand make from it new variations. I can add fresh greens, crimean onion or cut nuts. Every time it is a new taste and a new original sauce.

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